Notable tools
  • CTFu socket-based CTF scoring platform

  • seasurfer web-based CSRF PoC generator

  • trashpass library that helps bot developer to read disposable email from Trash-Mail

  • docker-based CTF sandbox deployer

IT Security Researcher / Penetration Tester
Jakarta, Indonesia

Herdian Nugraha is Independent Security Researcher with an interest in software assessment, exploit development and reverse engineering. Over + years experience in security field. He dedicate most of his time to learn computer science from bottom up. He actively participate in security capture the flag (CTF) for sharpening his skills. In his spare time, he blog about information security.
  • Linkedin I am working as security engineer at multinational company.

  • Twitter I use twitter as infosec bookmark.

  • Github sometimes I code for fun.

  • CTFTime I play CTF with CSI for sharpening my infosec skills.

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